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Stress Relieving Massage

Massage can help to relieve stress on a number of fronts. It activates the body on an internal level by decreasing the level of stress hormone and increasing immune cells. Swedish Massage also relaxes muscles and increases circulation what all together results in a reduction of stress-related pains. By bringing your body close to its optimum balance, it enables you to regain the energy and enjoy immediate relaxation. Regular massage is considered as the most effective form of stress relief in London. To find out more about how massage decreases stress, check our detailed blog article: Massage as a form of stress relief.

Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, with results being seen even after one massage. Generally speaking, high blood pressure can be linked to stress. By promoting a relaxed state, massage can lower stress levels, which in turn can lower blood pressure. In addition to this, massage has also been shown to improve circulation, which may help to reduce swelling that may be occurring due to blood pressure issues.